Energy Monitoring A1TS.EM

Monitoring of power lines
Turn-key solution for recording of all relevant electric values

Application of Rogowski spoils in a cabinet

Application of clicked on current meters in a cabinet

Complete solution for energy monitoring A1TS.EM

The turn-key solution A1TS.EM monitors electric lines. All desired data is measured and recorded: voltage, current, net frequency, cosϕ, active/reactive/apparent power as well as electric energy. A1TS.EM provides separate recording of power input and output. Electric energy values for input and output are cumulated to kWh, balanced and stored. The data set of the A1TS.EM may be controlled via internet, accessible on your smartphone or personal computer. In case no internet access can be used the A1TS.EM is available with a 4.3” touch screen for local accessibility (optional).

Visualization on screen:

  • latest data directly on the start screen

  • sub navigation leading to diagrams of further parameters:
    - voltage and total power of the last 24 hours on three phases per minute
    - mean value of active, reactive and apparent power, input and output of the precedent week on three phases in a 15 minute range
    - daily values of active energy, input and output of the precedent week on three phases

The model variants of the A1TS.EM monitor up to three 3-phased power lines in a range of 1 to 2000 ampere per measured line. Depending on the desired power range either clicked current meters or Rogowski spoils will be used. The installation of the A1TS.EM is possible without interruption of powered lines. As soon as the A1TS.EM has internet access, thresholds for minimum and maximum values of different parameters may be defined. In case of a succession of one or several thresholds an email alert is sent within seconds to the user’s email adress. The alert message provides the user with the actual critical data. All meter readings that are relevant for monitoring energy costs may be sent to the as a weekly CSV package via email. If these values are directly dedicated to base the following accounting, certificated metering devices that are authorized for those needs should be used.  


Technical data

Technical Data A1TS.EM


Model variants

model variants A1TS.EM

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