eTactica Current Bar

Current Bar

The Current Bar monitors alternating currents. Each line is led through and measured by a single current meter. The different models of eTactica Current Bar are able to control 3, 6 or 12 clicked-on current meters. The product shape fits right over the circuit breakers, so that no extra space is needed for its integration in the cabinet. The fit-in design guarantees an easy installation also in existing buildings. Sensor technology allows exact and reliable measurement of currents up to 63 A. Signal processing within the Current Bar digitizes all incoming values. According to industrial standards data transfer is provided via RS485 modbus RTU connectivity. The protocol is supported by nearly every gateway or control panel on the market. These devices may simply be combined with eTactica products.


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EB-212 Current Bar (12 sensor units)

EB-206 Current Bar (6 sensor units)

EB-203 Current Bar (3 sensor units)

332 €

193 €

129 €

Please note that prices do not include tax and delivery. Prices are valid for industrial customers only.