A1EM.NG9 IoT Electricity Meter

A1EM.NG9 IoT Electricity Meter

A1EM.NG9 exemplary application scheme
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A1EM.NG9 IoT Electricity Meter

Acquisition of electric field data for monitoring

Product description

The IoT Electricity Meter A1EM.NG transforms analogue electric values to digital field data that is available to be processed by the IoT Gateway family A1GW. A1EM.NG9 provides all field parameters to analyse the actual power input on the line as well as the IT-sided consumption scheme.

The Gateway collects the data via a digital interface. A1EM.NG9 offers up to 9 input channels, that may be read individually or clustered. According to a 3-phase topology one current may be accredited to one specific phase.

Flexible power supply by 230V~ or 24V= runs the system. The very compact design of the A1EM.NG9 needs no more than 90mm space on the mounting rail.


  • acquisition of electric power consumption
  • evaluation of voltage quality
  • management of net in- and output
  • proactive avoidance of peak loads


  • 9 independent input channels
  • transformation of electric values in IT processible data


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3-channel metering

6-channel metering

9-channel metering

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