A1GW.115.W Gateway

A1GW.115.W Gateway

A1GW.115.W scheme
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A1GW.115.W Gateway

Gateway to process and communicate field data

Product description

The 4.0 Gateway family A1GW transfers data cost efficiently and safe via internet from local IoT devices to a data server. Field data is recorded by IoT metering units, in the following collected and pre-processed by the gateway. Referring to the innovative and secure Kolibri© IoT protocol a steady connection to the data server is held. All IoT devices are continuously “online“. All values are accessible on the data server and may be read on PC or smartphone or transferred to a data base for longtime storage. Components, installations and processes may be monitored and controlled.

4.0 Gateways support streaming analytics, features that process and visualize data in real time.


  • acquisition of energy and ressource consumption
  • monitoring of device and installation status
  • surveillance of environmental parameters
  • online accessibility of defined PLC data


  • visualization on PC or using the smartphone app
  • immediate alerts in case of exceeded limits
  • transmission of historic data via email as .CSV file
  • safe online transmission of data by IPsec protocol

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2x Ethernet, 1x modbus-RTU, 1x SD-card

gateway registration

portal data service per month

€ 195.00

€ 15.00

€ 9.90

Please note that prices do not include tax and delivery. Prices are valid for commercial customers only.