CTI.100.UMTS.W com.tom Gateway

CTI 100.UMTS.W com.tom Gateway
interfaces: 1x ethernet, 1x modbus-RTU, UMTS modem

Dashboard visualizing the com.tom portal
easy configuration (example realized in less than 15 minutes)

Native com.tom APP visualized on a smartphone
easy configuration with the online graphic tool (example realized in less than 30 minutes)

CTI 100.UMTS.W com.tom Gateway

Dedicated gateways for your professional application

The com.tom product range offers different devices for implementing a wide range of interfaces to the plants, systems and processes.
Communication from the field to the com.tom CloudServer is a fixed element of any com.tom product.

The com.tom RADIO with an integrated wireless solution is the simplest way of implementing telecontrol/teleservice tasks in widely distributed systems or environments.

The pre-installed IPC@CHIP® RTOS real-time operating system enables the easy creation of application-specific programs.

WEB-PLC is a WEB-based graphical editor solution for basic PLC control functions.
Operations such as AND, OR, XOR, FF, TIMER, COUNTER, COMPARE and more are provided for implementing simple PLC functions.
Additional protocols (eg Modbus) are available in the WEB-PLC. The communication to the com.tom PORTAL is always available and only the appropriate configuration is required.
Other service and remote services are also provided, such as OpenVPN, NAT and COM server.

On the process side, communication is implemented via a serial interface.

Scope of delivery CTI 100.UMTS.W: Gateway, microSD card, connectors (3-pin, 4-pin, 8-pin), MAC-ID label, start-up guide

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CTI 100.UMTS.W com.tom Gateway
1x EtherNet, 1x modbus-RTU
UMTS modem, 1x SD-card

gateway registration

portal data service per month

*without SIM card

 € 591.48

€ 15.00

€ 9.90

Please note that prices do not include tax and delivery. Prices are valid for commercial customers only.