Control Unit SB2030

Control Unit SB2030

Innovative control for smallest automatization

Coming with an innovative touch display for industrial applicability the Control Unit SB2030 provides state-of-the-art automatization technology.

All parameters of the control processes are visualized clearly and in realtime.
Touch-screen functionality guarantees high user friendliness as well as setting and controlling of the device by few finger tips.
The user interface on the screen is individually adapted to the customers' needs.

Due to variable in- and outputs, the actual SPS software and several opportunities to complement and expand the whole system it meets all requirements to nearly any task in measuring, monitoring and controlling of automized installations.

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industrial multi-purpose control unit
steel plate housing (20x30x15.5mm)
IP55, 4.3" Resistive Touch Display
6 digital IN/OUT IOs (24V)
4 analog IN, 2 analog OUT
cloud/portal data transfer,

799 €

59 €
79 €
on demand

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