What we do ...

Sensoring and monitoring in different environments

temperature. relative humidity. carbon monoxide. carbon dioxide. brightness.

Specific energy consumption and control

combination of sensor and measurement devices with online gateway technology. smart and automized user warning. realtime home and industry monitoring. web-based control from anywhere in the world. 

Early fire detection

first alert during smoldering. early warning allows predeletion before fire opens.

We offer solutions!

com.tom IoT Gateways

Controlling and monitoring installations, systems and processes in the field, logging application data or energy consumption values, and displaying data or operating states are requirements in our world that we can no longer do without. Wherever global availability, mobility and communication with distributed systems are required, facilities for telecontrol/teleservice must be implemented. The simple provision of a modem or an Ethernet interface as a means of communication is not enough to cover the requirements for affordable global availability. The level at which the functions provided are to be accessed and used is a critical factor for problem-free telecontrol/teleservice. For this purpose, the com.tom product range offers the appropriate web portal, com-tom CloudServer, for providing data, as well as a host of different devices.

com.tom online gateway 100

The com.tom product range offers different devices for implementing a wide range of interfaces to the plants, systems and processes.
Communication from the field to the com.tom CloudServer is a fixed element of any com.tom product.

com.tom BASIC uses the Ethernet interfaces provided with all com.tom devices to offer the com.tom PORTAL solution for environments with a WAN connection in place.

The pre-installed IPC@CHIP® RTOS real-time operating system enables the easy creation of application-specific programs.

WEB-PLC is a WEB-based graphical editor solution for basic PLC control functions.
Operations such as AND, OR, XOR, FF, TIMER, COUNTER, COMPARE and more are provided for implementing simple PLC functions.
Additional protocols (eg Modbus) are available in the WEB-PLC. The communication to the com.tom PORTAL is always available and only the appropriate configuration is required.
Other service and remote services are also provided, such as OpenVPN, NAT and COM server.

The CODESYS market leader enables unrestricted programming in IEC 61131-3 for the user. Additional protocols (eg Modbus) are available in CODESYS.
The communication with the com.tom PORTAL is always available and also here only requires the appropriate configuration.
Other service and remote services are also provided, such as OpenVPN and NAT.

On the process side, communication is implemented via a serial interface.

Temperature and humidity sensors

A1 sensor devices control indoor climate parameters as temperature and relative humidity.


  • adaption to different room heights
  • protective stainless steel housing
  • 3m cable connection



The following variants are available:

  • model XTA-001 for temperature measurement
  • model FXA-001 for relative humidity measurement


All product variants are developed and manufactured by Automation One Germany.

SafeGuard fire detection

SafeGuard fire detection

The multiple sensor SafeGuard automatically detects poor air quality, poisonous carbon monoxide concentrations as well as early signs of smoldering and fire. A warning is generated if critical thresholds are passed. Due to its advanced technology the possibility of false alerts is minimized nearly to zero. In combination with a specific sprinkling system, an optimal and selective deletion of smoldering fire is provided - even before open flames develop. As module within a climatization SafeGuard provides all data that is necessary to monitor and control indoor air quality and room climate.

Measured parameters:

  • Co2 (NDIR sensor; direct value and pressure compensated)
  • CO carbon monoxide
  • atmospheric pressure
  • relative humidity
  • temperature
  • brightness
SB2030 home automatization

control unit SB2030

Coming with an innovative Touch Display for industrial applicability the Control Unit SB2030 provides state-of-the-art automatization technology.

All parameters of the control processes are visualized clearly and in realtime.
Touch-Screen functionality guarantees a high user friendliness as well as setting and controlling of the device by finger tip.
The user interface on the screen is individually adapted to the customers' needs.

Due to variable in- and outputs, the actual SPS software and several opportunities to complement and expand the whole system it meets all requirements to fulfil nearly any task in measuring, monitoring and controlling of automized installations.


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