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temperature. relative humidity. carbon monoxide. carbon dioxide. brightness.

combination of sensor and measurement devices with online gateway technology. smart and automized user warning. realtime home and industry monitoring. web-based control from anywhere in the world. 

first alert during smoldering. early warning allows predeletion before fire opens.

products & technology

>> com.tom IoT Gateways 

com.tom mobile gateway 140

Controlling and monitoring installations, systems and processes in the field, logging application data or energy consumption values, and displaying data or operating states are requirements in our world that we can no longer do without. Wherever global availability, mobility and communication with distributed systems are required, facilities for telecontrol/teleservice must be implemented. The simple provision of a modem or an Ethernet interface as a means of communication is not enough to cover the requirements for affordable global availability. The level at which the functions provided are to be accessed and used is a critical factor for problem-free telecontrol/teleservice. For this purpose, the com.tom product range offers the appropriate web portal, com-tom CloudServer, for providing data, as well as a host of different devices.

The com.tom product range offers different devices for implementing a wide range of interfaces to the plants, systems and processes.
Communication from the field to the com.tom CloudServer is a fixed element of any com.tom product.

product variants:

com.tom IoT Gateway 100.W

com.tom IoT Gateway 100.UMTS.W

>> Temperature and humidity sensors

A1 sensor devices control indoor climate parameters as temperature and relative humidity.


  • adaption to different room heights
  • protective stainless steel housing
  • 3m cable connection



The following variants are available:


All product variants are developed and manufactured by Automation One Germany.

>> SafeGuard fire detection

SafeGuard fire detection

The multiple sensor SafeGuard automatically detects poor air quality, poisonous carbon monoxide concentrations as well as early signs of smoldering and fire. A warning is generated if critical thresholds are passed. Due to its advanced technology the possibility of false alerts is minimized nearly to zero. In combination with a specific sprinkling system, an optimal and selective deletion of smoldering fire is provided - even before open flames develop. As module within a climatization SafeGuard provides all data that is necessary to monitor and control indoor air quality and room climate.

Measured parameters:

  • Co2 (NDIR sensor; direct value and pressure compensated)
  • CO carbon monoxide
  • atmospheric pressure
  • relative humidity
  • temperature
  • brightness
>> SB2030 home automatization

control unit SB2030Coming with an innovative Touch Display for industrial applicability the Control Unit SB2030 provides state-of-the-art automatization technology.

All parameters of the control processes are visualized clearly and in realtime.
Touch-Screen functionality guarantees a high user friendliness as well as setting and controlling of the device by finger tip.
The user interface on the screen is individually adapted to the customers' needs.

Due to variable in- and outputs, the actual SPS software and several opportunities to complement and expand the whole system it meets all requirements to fulfil nearly any task in measuring, monitoring and controlling of automized installations.



>> Turn-key solution A1TS.EM

energy monitoring A1TSEM

The turn-key solution A1TS.EM monitors electric lines. All desired data is measured and recorded: voltage, current, net frequency, cosϕ, active/reactive/apparent power as well as electric energy. A1TS.EM provides separate recording of power input and output. Electric energy values for input and output are cumulated to kWh, balanced and stored. The data set of the A1TS.EM may be controlled via internet, accessible on your smartphone or personal computer. In case no internet access can be used the A1TS.EM is available with a 4.3” touch screen for local accessibility (optional).

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>> SGIM plug & play energy control 

SGIM: On-demand online control for your energy

SGIM energy control

Low voltage measurement using industrial standard components

Automation-One GmbH; July 17th 2017

Developed for communal suppliers, net operators and industrial customers the standard component SGIM will soon be available

The Smart Grid Interface Module “SGIM” is designed to monitor power lines in cabinets and low voltage control units according to DIN EN 61439-2. Furthermore the system communicates data, results and defined alerts via online connectivity. All measured values are collected, consolidated and processed to be real-time transferred to the main server. The values are compatible to industrial standard protocols and immediately accessible online. No interruption occurs, e.g. by storing data on a memory card as it was necessary in former systems.

The SGIM itself covers 100 mm from side to side and can be mounted in any 185 mm hat rail system. Every professional, who regularly works with hat rail installations, will be able to integrate the SGIM in running or new systems. Installation under current is possible. The phases that are desired for measurement are monitored by specific sensors within the hat rail system. The neutral and the protective lines are plugged in to the bottom of the SGIM. If the SGIM is installed without or outside a hat rail system, also the three current phases can directly be connected to the base of the SGIM.

The SGIM is built up by three main functional elements: The installation platform, the measurement unit and the sensors. At first, the installation platform is mounted and connected to the three current phases, the neutral and the protective line. The installation platform provides the click-on base for the measurement unit, which is put on the platform and locked. Locking the measurement unit closes the electric contact of the measuring circle. The sensors are standard devices that work either with an integrated Rogowski coil (RC) or with current transformers (CTs). One SGIM sensor is made of three RCs or CTs, measuring lines of 170 cm length and a bayonet fixing. The plug is easily connected and locked to the SGIM and on the other end of the line, the RCs or CTs are just wrapped around the measured power lines without opening or interrupting them. As all elements of the SGIM can be integrated in any common cabinet, the system offers all prerequisites to become a new standard in industrial energy control.

The online advantage: energy and investment control every minute

SGIM collects all data concerning net parameters and dimension, e.g. voltage, currents, power, electric work, net frequency and the power factor. SGIM offers monitoring in four quadrants and measures currents from both directions. All values are transferred to the defined server - optimized to the bandwidth but still in real-time. In case of a normally running system there is almost no data submitted. In case of an error, an optimized data package is provided to enable the user to detect and estimate the damage via remote access. Endangered power lines with high voltage peaks may no longer stay unrecognized. By optimizing current distribution within the installation power lines are protected and new net capacities are created.

SGIM user interface

SGIM front end


Visualized data and operative use

Once transferred to the server the energy data is showed on a user friendly front end. According to individual needs overview tables or graphic diagrams may be created. Various databases or software applications, further control instruments or SCADA systems may access and process the data values. Service providers receive warning messages on their desktop or mobile phone as soon as one of the monitored values leaves its predefined thresholds. This may be the case if the temperature within a cabinet gets too high or a power line suffers from an exceeding voltage. Within one second the specific alert is given and sent to the user or service personal.


Market and availability

The first running SGIM was presented to the public on the 7th EXPO ENERGIETECHNIK in Niederurnen/Switzerland in July 2017. It was subject to high interest, so that the first real-life installations are now planned with net operators and communal partners in Switzerland.

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>> SGIM data sheet download released!

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